Sustainability Statement

For Earth. For Us.

Kaori has been dedicated to the development of energy-related technologies since it was founded in 1970, using innovative energy technologies as a way to change the world. This mission is what has been driving our investments in the past, which we intend to continue doing in the future.
Backed by a strong conviction to ESG values, Kaori will strive to act in the best interest of all stakeholders and contribute further to the stability and growth of the society.

A Devotee of Sustainable Values

By deepening the corporate culture of operating with integrity through various governance principles and regulations, we aim to strengthen the implementation of the board's functions and ensure the maximum interests of all stakeholders through a corporate governance system that emphasizes accountability and integrity.

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The attendance rate of the ESG steering committee at TCFD strategy meetings.

Annual participation in developing risk and opportunity strategies for sustainable operations.


Continuous improvement of corporate governance indicators evaluation.

The evaluation of corporate governance indicators has significantly improved by two levels compared to 2021.

A Pioneer in Carbon/Energy Reduction

The company has actively entered the green energy market and is moving towards becoming a green energy company. Shifting from simply using energy to saving energy and now manufacturing energy, all demonstrate the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. It aims to contribute to the planet and collaboratively create a new world of green energy with determination in the industry.

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Application of hydrogen-filled meteorological balloons.

Replacing helium with hydrogen for filling balloons significantly reduces costs.


Industrial hydrogen waste purification and recovery rate.

Eliminating the need for helium and addressing high-pressure transportation issues can significantly reduce carbon emissions.


Immersion cooling technology enhances the efficiency of electronic design automation.

Successfully validated the immersion liquid cooling technology, significantly enhancing the efficiency of Electronic Design Automation (EDA).

A Responsible Sustainable Purchaser

In the pursuit of innovation and breakthroughs to maintain industry competitiveness, Kaori actively participates in technical seminars organized by professional peers and seeks opportunities for collaboration and exchanges with both industry counterparts and different sectors. By engaging in diverse interactions and sharing experiences, Kaori aims to enhance its industry-leading capabilities and technological growth, contributing to positive developments in the overall industry.

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Key suppliers attending the sustainable supplier engagement meeting.

Introducing a sustainable supply chain system, the company is hosting its first sustainable supplier engagement meeting.


The supplier feedback review rate.

In 2022, the supplier sustainability assessment covered governance, social, environmental, and other related issues.

A Promoter of People Values

At High Power, we deeply understand that employees are crucial partners in the company's journey to become a world-class organization and achieve sustainable development. We are committed to creating a friendly and healthy workplace, shaping an environment that is free from discrimination and promotes equality.

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Increase the average annual training hours per employee.

The average training hours per employee have reached 21 hours, with a total cost exceeding NT 540,000 dollars.


Employee annual health check-up participation rate.

To maintain the safety, health, and well-being of our on-site workers and stakeholders, prevent occupational health hazards, and promote the physical and mental well-being of employees.


The ratio of employees undergoing regular performance and career development evaluations.

Employees undergo two performance evaluations each year, with a 100% participation rate in the evaluations.

An Advocate of Environmental Friendliness

High Power closely monitors global climate change trends and integrates climate change issues as one of the key topics in corporate sustainability development. In advance, we disclose climate change-related information in accordance with the requirements of reporting guidelines.

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The carbon intensity has decreased compared to 2021.

Following the ISO 14064-1:2018 standard for greenhouse gas inventories, we conduct inventory operations, implement carbon emission assessment, and plan short, medium, and long-term carbon reduction targets.


The power intensity has decreased compared to 2021.

Implement energy-saving measures, enhance manufacturing processes, and reduce energy consumption.


The electricity cost savings amount has increased compared to 2021.

Actively engage in energy-saving and carbon reduction initiatives, continuously implement projects focusing on electricity conservation, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction.


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